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73121 Fred Waring Dr. Ste 102, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Here at the office of Gregg Balis DDS, we strive to offer the most efficient and high-quality dental care for our patients. Our dentists and team are highly engaged in the planning and treatment processes, utilizing an in-house dental lab to craft many of our dental restorations.

While many offices must send impressions of your smile to a third-party lab to create a dental crown or bridge, our team uses CAD/CAM technology to plan and create your restoration right here in our office. Our on-site lab allows us to oversee every step of the process and refer to you for approval of your results. Effective communication between the patient, doctor, and technician is the key to ensuring your dental restoration is fully customized to your needs and is of the highest quality.

In addition to enhancing your results, our in-house lab significantly reduces the length of time needed to complete the restoration. CAD/CAM technology allows us to provide you with a permanent dental restoration in as little as one visit, often replacing the need for a temporary crown.

For more information and to experience our in-house dental lab in Palm Desert, California, please feel free to contact our dentists, Drs. Balis and Huddleston, and team at 760-610-0497 today.