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Your tongue collects bacteria all day every day, which can be quite gross, right? Well, it’s natural and it’s nothing to be concerned about. The good news is that you can take measures to keep your tongue clean and fresh! One measure you can take is using a tongue scraper. A tongue scraper is a handy tool that comes in all shapes and sizes. When you stroke it from the back to the front of the tongue, it removes the bacteria that reside, giving you the clean tongue you want and need! Today, our dentists, Dr. Gregg Balis, Dr. Glenn Huddleston, would like to tell you all about tongue scrapers.

Using a tongue scraper can benefit you in many ways. In fact, it can help you have a strong and healthy smile as well as fresh breath! This is possible because the scraper removes the bacteria from the tongue, and that bacteria can produce volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath and that bacteria can also produce plaque, which is a very dangerous substance that promotes tooth decay and gum disease. The more you clean your tongue, the better.

When using your tongue scraper, rinse it before placing it on the surface of your tongue. Then, place it at the back of the tongue, but not too far that it will make you gag. When you’re ready, slowly bring the scraper to the front surface of the tongue, using a light pressure that can help the scraper effectively remove the bacteria and film that sit on the top of the tongue. Next, rinse the scraper and then finish cleaning the tongue by stroking both sides. Make sure you clean the entire surface! When you’re done, rinse the tool and keep it in a safe place.

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