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Sports injuries, auto accidents and accidents in the home are some of the more common causes of dental trauma. In some of these cases the trauma may be so severe that a tooth can be knocked out of the patient’s mouth, or it may be broken off at the gumline. In the case of a severe dental trauma, our dentist, Dr. Gregg Balis might recommend extracting whatever remains of the damaged tooth. This procedure can prevent further pain and health complications. Once everything has fully healed and you are ready, the dentist can help you understand the dental restoration options available at our office.

If you are uncomfortable with the oral surgery required for a dental implant, the dentist might suggest replacing the tooth with a dental bridge. A bridge is a type dental work that is meant to replicate the look and function of the original tooth. The bridge is attached to crowns at each end which will fit over your teeth and hold the bridge in place. After the bridge has been created in a dental lab, it will be cemented in place with a special dental adhesive.

If you live in the Palm Desert, California area and you have just suffered a severe dental trauma, you should not delay in calling 760-610-0497 to seek treatment at Gregg Balis DDS.