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Dentists like Dr. Gregg Balis often include a screening for oral or pharyngeal cancer during your routine checkups. This involves examining your mouth for any troubled areas, inflammation, or discoloration.

Generally, oral and pharyngeal cancers are more prevalent in the senior population; however, they can develop at any age. This is even more likely if you have a family history of oral cancers, use tobacco, or frequently consume alcohol.

If you notice any early symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer between your dental checkups, you should set up an appointment at Gregg Balis DDS.

Early symptoms of concern might include a persistent pain in your mouth, swelling, or a lump in your cheek. Pharyngeal cancer symptoms could also include a persistent sore throat, or a feeling like something is stuck in the back of your mouth.

If Dr. Gregg Balis finds an area of concern, he will refer you to an oncologist or another specialist to confirm a diagnosis and start the treatment process. If the cancerous tissues are limited to the oral cavity, your treatment success rates are good. If the cancer spreads to the nearby lymph node or another part of the body, survival rates start to decrease.

If you live in Palm Desert, California, region, and if you have oral or pharyngeal cancer concerns, you should call 760-610-0497 to schedule an appointment at Gregg Balis DDS.