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This year, brighten your loved ones smiles with these healthy gift-giving ideas. Our Gregg Balis DDS team has some fun yet practical choices to help the people you love to flash their best smiles.

– Does someone on your list have a hard time brushing for two minutes, twice a day? An electric toothbrush can clean their teeth in less time than their manual one. It removes harmful plaque and food residue while ensuring healthier teeth and gums all year round.

– If you know someone who struggles when trying to floss with wax or dental string, and consequently, neglects this vital habit, you can gift them with a water flosser. This tool will remove plaque and debris between their teeth and around the gumline.

– If you are filling stockings this year, don’t just rely on sugary sweets. Stuff some colorful packs of sugar-free chewing gum to offer a healthier alternative and keeps their mouth and breath fresh.

– Is anyone on your list planning to travel in the upcoming year? Make sure they have the tools they need to smile confidently for those travel photos. Give them a dental care kit packed with travel-sized versions of a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash. For fun, tuck in some sugarless gum as well!

– If someone on your list is active in high-impact sports or recreational activities, give them a protective mouth guard that will guard teeth and oral tissues from harm. Cavities and gum disease aren’t the only things that can harm smiles!

– Do you have someone on your list that doesn’t like to smile because their teeth are discolored or stained? You can give them the gift of a brighter smile with a professional tooth whitening treatment. A tooth whitening kit from our office or a gift card for an in-office whitening treatment can have them smiling again in no time!

This holiday season, give the people you love the gift of a healthier smile. To learn more, or to schedule time with our dentist, call 760-610-0497 today. Dr. Gregg Balis, and our dental team in Palm Desert, California, are ready to help you with all your smile care needs!