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The partial denture created for you by the oral care specialists at Gregg Balis DDS was designed and created from durable dental materials intended to restore your basic oral function. Most of these removable dental appliances also incorporate small elements of hardware to help lock them in place with the neighboring teeth.

As durable as your partial denture is, it can still suffer from some long-term wear and tear from consuming hard foods. This is even more likely to be an issue if you have a bad habit of crunching on ice or nibbling on pencils, and pens.

If any part of your partial denture is chipped, fractured, or bent, it could cause discomfort in the relationship with the surrounding gums and teeth, or even lead to the dental appliance failing. In some cases, it could even cause harm to periodontal tissues, or chipped teeth.

In a situation like this, you need to have Dr. Gregg Balis examine your partial denture. Once he has assessed the severity of the problem, he can help find the most effective method to remedy the situation.  

If you are in the Palm Desert, California, area and you are having a problem with your partial denture you should call 760-610-0497 to speak to Dr. Gregg Balis or one of the specialists at Gregg Balis DDS.